Waste to Energy Facility Facts

Built in 2005, 750ton/day capacity
In case of 560ton/day incineration as average
10,142,216 US$ operating revenue per year
Providing around 27,276 ton of Oil Equivalent
Reduces around 645ton of greenhouse gases
  - Same effect as planting 230,000 trees

It is up-to-date pollution prevention plant considering the human beings and the nature first. As a spearhead treatment facility, it transforms to the future city of pleasant and beautiful environment, where people and nature can get along together, through recycling of resources and minimization of environmental contamination.

Waste To Energy Plant Emission Data Municipal Solid Waste Conversion to Energy

City wastes, that are costly to dispose, are handled in the most environmental friendly manner on the site to generate electricity and produce construction material and asphalt aggregates. This unit uses Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), even garbage with as low as 800 Kcal/Kg and moisture content of up to 50%. The raw garbage is used to fuel the power plant through gasification pyrolysis, in which gas produced elevates temperature up to 1600 degrees Celsius and serves as fuel at our specially designed boiler, and produces heat for steam turbine to run the electric generator. Considering saving landfill costs, negative cost of fuel, income generated by using the by-product and bottom ash and environmental advantages, every major city must have at least one of these processing plants.

Cost Benefit Analysis

The raw garbage is turned into Process Engineered Fuel and is used in the most environmental friendly way to produce electricity. We provide the technology to convert solid waste to electric energy.
The main considerations are:

  • Our Key Technology is the principle of Perfect Combustion – therefore very low Toxic Emission and is supported by our Gas Emission Treatment.
  • Bottom Ash and Fly Ash could be used for concrete block making and in road asphalts.
  • Effective use of the landfill for real estate values by reducing landfill developments and preserve real estate values.
  • Help reduce negative environmental effects i.e. Groundwater contamination, greenhouse gas emission, etc.
  • Carbon Emission Cap Trading.
  • Reduce Health Hazards.
  • Environmentally sound disposal of the waste to provide saleable energy.
  • Generation of Jobs.
  • Profit realization through other means i.e. Tipping fee, garbage hauling services of city, garbage disposal services.
  • Transfer of Technology to Philippines and future development of similar project at lower cost.
  • Sale of Philippine Manufactured Waste Power Plant to the World thereby generating income to Philippines.
  • Help Address Power Shortages, Garbage and Pollution Problems, Flooding and Health Problems.

A power plant with the capability of producing 10 MW of electricity could cost up to $50M (Fifty million US$). However a plant that fuels its self by using garbage to generate the same amount of Electricity, may cost three to four times that amount. However, if environmental benefits of this proposal are considered then it is justified economically. In principal we are not just offering a power plant project, but foremost an environmentally friendly plant. Landfill sites can become prime real estate in the long term for commercial, civic, or residential use.  This fact alone may generate enough capital to more than pay for power generation, depending on location.  The long-term effects of landfill sites are harmful gases that pollute the air, the danger of leakage into the underground water tables, and a potential setting for breeding diseases of all types.

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Waste to Energy